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HCA Higher Education

At Creative Box Studios we work closely with the BA Graphic & Media Design course delivering specific lecturers into our creative design work in the professional industry. The lectures are based around key areas of their course such as graphic design, interactive design, web design and app design.

We also look to give students placements at creative box studios this gives them the chance to work on live briefs and develop their professional practice skills. We believe this is a great opportunity for student as it adds the professional experience to their degree when they graduate.

It gives the students a taste of what they would like to do after they graduate, also giving us the chance to see if they would fit into the Creative Box Studios ethos as a team member as we look to develop and move the company forward.

Placement Testimonial:

Working at Creative Box Studios has allowed me to understand the creative design industry and develop my professional skills in UX Development further. The placement has been throughout the year and seeing you can still be creative on the web and the ideas that the team work on has been a great experience.
Simon Chahal - 3rd Year BA Graphic & Media Design Course

Working With Education - HCA Higher Education

HCA Further Education

Also we are now starting to look at developing more work experience opportunity’s for the FE students at the HCA to give them a look it into maybe a path they would like to specify in as they move forward into Higher Education courses.

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