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E-commerce Websites, Portfolio websites, One Page Websites.


E-commerce Websites.

An eCommerce website is specifically designed to sell online, this may be for goods, digital downloads or services. You have a payment gateway setup such as Worldpay or Paypal that provides a secure transactional environment to take payments over the internet.

CMS’s have built in features that allow you to set up delivery costs, sale prices, vouchers and a multitude of other features that will cater for pretty much anything.

Creative Box Studios - E-commerce Websites

Portfolio websites.

A portfolio website is ideally suited to anything from architects, artists to anyone providing a service and whether its an individual or a company its a good way of showcasing your work or services.

It gives excellent potential for prospective clients to view your work and lets you show off your skills.

Creative Box Studios - Portfolio websites

One Page Websites.

A one page website is exactly what it says, it’s a cost effective way to build a website if you have a small budget, overtime if your budget allows you to build upon it. In essence, it’s a website that presents all of your content onto one long, scrolling page and by dividing your page into different sections you can create an effective website.

Creative Box Studios - One Page Websites


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