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Strategy and technology, combined with design and creativity.

Our 5 Point Process.

Our capabilities combined with our 5 point Development Process gives us a clear insight into understanding the client’s needs, all of them combined with creativity delivers a unique result made to the smallest details.

Creative Box Studios - Our 5 Point Process

Strategy & Discovery.

A strategy is very important as it defines the client’s long-term vision for the project. The strategy will give the foundations for the project and will give the targets for the project and how its success should be measured.

Discovery or research phase into your competitor and competitor analysis, this research is key to creating an informed user experience.

Insight is to draw from all the data collected from the discovery phase and feedback from the client. This will allow the designers with an agile development process to understand the direction they will move the project and the designs.

Key Areas:

  • Customer Competitor & Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Discovery
  • Insight
  • Content Development
  • User Feedback
Our Process - Strategy and Discovery

Sitemaps & Wireframes.

Creating the sitemap architecture will ensure all the key pages, areas, and functions are confirmed before moving forward. This will also show their relationship to each section and how the overall navigation will be structured.

Wireframes will provide a detailed view of the content that will appear on each page.

Key Areas:

  • Sitemaps
  • Wireframes
  • Structure
  • Content
  • Development
  • User Feedback
Our Process - Prototyping & Designs

Prototyping & Designs.

When moving through the product development stages there comes the time, when you have to move from the app’s draft UI/UX version to the creation of intuitive in use digital product.

Prototyping in product development carries an important role in the entire product creation process. It allows you to project the app’s idea, test it, and see where else you can use your ideas and efforts.

Key Areas:

  • Designs
  • Concepts
  • Prototyping
Our Process - Prototyping & Designs

Design & Development.

All phases and UX designs approved, it's time to start developing the site and build out the framework with HTML/PHP and CSS.

Implementing the content management system and technology solutions is a big part of this phase, discovered in the early phases.

Key Areas:

  • Framework Development
  • Code Development
  • Develop Interactivity
  • Content Upload
  • Test Functionality
  • Test Links
  • Server Setup
  • Mysql Setup
  • HTML5
  • Foundation
  • Bootstrap
  • Web Apps
  • PHP/Mysql/CMS’s
Our Process - Design & Development

Testing & Launch.

Testing is critical before launching as there will be issues that need to be fixed before the live stage. The site will be uploaded to our test servers this will allows you to share the link and give any feedback.

At this stage, the site will be reviewed on multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc), devices (laptops, tablets, and mobile).

This phase will require final amends to the design elements, interactivity, and any other features of the overall user experience before moving the website to its live server.

Key Areas:

  • Fixing broken links
  • Editing Copy
  • Responsive issues
  • Code Errors
  • Speed Tests
  • Making adjustments
  • Transfer to live server
  • Final cross-browser check
  • Final Testing
  • Final Sign-off Report


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